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    Since 1996, Bialik’s call to reawaken Hebrew culture has been driving ALMA's project to reclaim and revive learning classical Jewish texts, and positioning Hebrew culture as an essential element of pluralistic Jewish identity in Israel and abroad.
    Today, ALMA, a thriving non-profit organization, with a vast array of unique pedagogic tools developed over years of experience, continues to lead a unique social and educational discourse and exploration aimed at turning Hebrew culture – the meeting place of Jewish, Israeli and general culture – into a relevant and inspiring ingredient of the identity and everyday lives of Israelis and Jews around the world.
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    “Daf Yomi” Daily Talmud study with Kobi Oz

    Sundays through Fridays, from 9:00 to 10:00.

    Bamat Shmita - Lectures on economics and society

    Journalists, intellectuals, politicians and social activists talk about social issues of Israeli society in the spirit of jewish shmita. Thursdays, 20:00-21:30.
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    MK Dr. Ruth Calderon's first speech in the 19th Knesset

    Learning and teaching the story of "Rabbi Love"
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