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About Alma

About Alma

"The culture of the land of Israel uses all our ancient tools, which are intact and can contain the precious liquid. Yet we are also creating new tools."
— Chaim Nachman Bialik (1873 –1934), Israel’s national poet

Since 1996, Bialik’s call to reawaken Hebrew culture has been driving Alma’s project to reclaim and revive learning classical Jewish texts, and positioning Hebrew culture as an essential element of pluralistic Jewish identity in Israel and abroad.
Hebrew culture (Jewish, Israeli, and world) will be an increasingly dynamic core element of pluralistic Jewish identity in Israel and worldwide.

To be an educational institution dedicated to renewing Hebrew culture and training Jewish community change agents in Israel and worldwide.
  • Learning Jewish sources as a basis and inspiration for creativity today.
  • Top-quality and innovative.
  • Here and now. Contemporary and relevant to Jewish life in Israel and abroad.
  • Respectful attitude to all.
  • Openness and cooperation.

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